Lodge of Industry No 48

lodge room


In the Lodge room are two Massive Scagliola-Marble Pillars at the West end of the room, presented to the Lodge by the Earl of Durham, John George Lambton.






masters chair

The Master's Chair was used by the Duke of Sussex, Grand Master, when he visitedNewcastle for the laying of the foundation stone of the 'Literary and Philosophical Society' in 1822,and was presented to the Lodge at that time.It is now in the possession of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham Museum at Sunderland by kind permission of the Lodge of Industry.




muriel On the wall of the Lodge room hangs a large triptych showing the three Grand Masters at the building of the Temple at Jerusalem, along with the two Scribes.Very little has been said about the brethren who have made this Lodge and its' History all of which has been recorded along with the tradition of the Lodge for their successors

The Lodge of Industry had been holding their meetings at the Industry Masonic Hall, Coatsworth Road, Gateshead, up till the 24th March 1986 when finally, the W/Master J R Dodd, who having just been Installed in the Chair of King Solomon by the retiring master Bro William Robertson in a fine and dignified manner, closed the Lodge for the last time there.

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